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Werewolf OC (Bear) :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 6 0 Flo and Shel :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 6 0 Something something that I drew. :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 5 0 Dark Angel :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 6 3
Forgive Me For All My Sins (Grimace)
Forgive Me For All My Sins
That night was the day my life hit rock bottom.
I had come from the ER in a shocked daze, because mere moments ago, I had failed. Failed to save the life of a young woman, who had been rushed into the ER from the scene of a car collision. She was on death's door and had next to no chance of survival.
Her lungs had been crushed by the sunken in dashboard of her car, and pieces of glass had penetrated her body. She couldn't breathe. She was slowly suffocating from her crushed lungs and she couldn't even cry out in pain. As I watched her die, I desperately tried to think of a way to save her life, a way to make sure she went back home safely to whomever was waiting for her to return. The woman gasped for air that would never reach her lungs, and she died. Shocked, I couldn't move, only stare at her newly decease body in horror as I watched her life leave her body.
I looked down at my hands, covered in her blood, and stood with my mouth open, gaped in horror. My
:iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 1 3
King JJ (Dog version) :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 2 5 Stray Cat Page 12 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 4 0 Victor :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 3 0 Stray Cat 11 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 6 3 Stray Cat 10 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 4 0 Stray Cat 09 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 6 7 Stray Cat 08 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 5 2 Stray Cat 7 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 3 0 Stray Cat 6 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 4 5 Stray Cat 5 :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 5 0 Macho-Grim (OMG lol) :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 5 5


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Le rules~ 
1 - You have to post ALL the rules 
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer. 
3. Choose 12 people. 
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people. 
5. You can't say you don't do tags. xD 
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED (OH no XD)
7. You must do the journal entry!  

1) Would you rather have to power to help people find any lost item but be very forgetful or the power to bring life BUT anything you touch dies? (Sorry. I am not good with these things)   

Crap... I'm going to have to go with helping people find lost items, but being forgetful... Maybe they could help me find my lost items too??

2. If you could ship yourself with anyone (ANYONE) who would it be and why? :3

Man... Umm..... I think I'm going to have to say Terushima fromHaikyuu. Because of his sexy ass tongue piercing.

3. Do you have a favorite senpai/kouhai? Why are they your favorite? (^//3//^)   

My favorite Snpai would be Akaashi from Haikyuu, and my favorite kouhai would be Kise from Kuroko no Basuke.

4. What is your favorite kind of food? owo  

Tuna. Like in Sushi, not like, tuna sandwiches, Tuna raw. 

5. Favorite TV show? Why?   

Adventure time. It's funny and lots of immature humor is always funny and the best.

6. What fandoms are you part of and which of those fandoms are your most favorite? ^^   

I like the YUri on Ice and Haikuu fandoms, they aren't as judge Mental??

7. If you could see anyone you wanted right now, who would it be? (It doesn't matter if they are dead or alive)  

Every of my favorite anime characters that died in the middle of the series. 

8. What is your spirit animal? O-O  

i dunno, probably like an owl. OvO

9. How many OC's (if any) do you have? 

Around five at the moment, maybe a few more than that.

10. Which of your OC's are your favorite? 

I like Axel a lot. But Grim is my little kitty cat because he has a lot of problems with his life and he tells it like it is.

11. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be? (You can't wish for more wishes! Sorry. ;-; )   

I would wish wish for the ability to travel anywhere, anytime.

12. Who do you look up to most and why? c: 

i look up to a lot of people, most of them aren't real. Hahaha....


1. Are you wearing socks right now?

2. Have you ever confused a dream with reality before?

3. Cats or Dogs? (Or any other animal)

4. Do you have a smol group of close friends or many friends?

5. Do you consider yourself a mature person? Or immature?

6. Soggy or fresh French Fries?

7. Do you wear glasses? Or contacts?

8. Do you ever get triggered over TV shows?

9. On a scale of 1-10 how majestic are you? (1 being the lowest)

10. Do you play any sports? What kind?

11. Are there any things that you absolutely hate?

12. Are you good at sensing the mood of the atmosphere?

CuriosityDotKill liamthefox34 0Kippy0 Tranceffa MoonBlinked13 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello y'all beautiful-faced humans(?) The name is Kasa, but you guys can call me whatever you like.

About me, myself, and I:

I love drawing, and giving my drawings/stories a hidden meaning or something like that, I adore corgis. And well, umm, I sometimes get an urge to draw a comic, currently, I am trying to start a collab comic with my friend (CuriosityDotKill)

I love anime. Black Butler, Naruto, Hetalia, Free!, Prince of Stride, and like 50 more.


When you Favorite my artwork or become a watcher of mine, I courteously return the favour with a llama. <3 give a llama get a llama I guess.


I love drawing requests for people, you DO NOT have to be a watcher or whatever. I will draw anything from anywhere (If I agree to) like, I dont really know a lot about.... Say The Suicide Squad, but if that's what you want, I will do my best to draw something that you will enjoy!


When I start a comic, I love to draw my friends in the background, just something to look back on and laugh about, and if I want to and you request it, I will definitely draw you or a friend and give you a shoutout!

Bye <3

Romania stamp by Tea-Strawberry

Do you want me to draw you something? (Comment/Note What you want me to draw 4 U) 

5 deviants said Art Trade?
2 deviants said Yes!
1 deviant said No thanks <3
No deviants said Can you draw....?


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